GARNOME 0.25.1 is OUT!

GARNOME 0.25.1

  * General fixes.
  * New: quark, a fiendishly minimal music player. libzvt, back for your
    enduring pleasure (required for mono-debugger)! monodoc, the
    mind-altering substance behind every Mono hacker's flashbacks!
  * Updated: abiword, bluefish, gkrellm, pan, sodipodi, xchat,
    mono-debugger. Yes, this release is for the dedicated GARNOME Desktop
    users! :-)
  * Thanks very much to Jan Schmidt for build feedback, and much gnashing of
    teeth to our new friend, Boofhead.
  * Oh, and there's no more KDE. Use Konstruct instead. :-)

Where does it live?


- Jeff

-- 2004: Adelaide, Australia
                  It's not a disease, it's an occupation!

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