Re: build failure cvs HEAD x86 debian sarge, gnome 2.2rc1 (garnome)

> > /usr/local/gar200/lib/ undefined reference to `XRenderQuerySubpixelO
> > rder'
> > any hints?
> It seems that your libXft has been compiled against another version of X11
> that the one you use to link Emacs with.  FWIW, XRenderQuerySubpixelOrder is
> not present in XFree86 3.6 or 4.2.

Gnome 2.2rc1 seems to use fcpackage 2.1 from Garnome rebuilds libXft (and possibly some other stuff that I don't understand since I'm no dev) when building the gnome desktop. This package includes this reference (cf grep below). Webpage says fcpackage stems from XFree86 CVS dated 2002-11-21. I'm assuming emacs gtk will eventually catch up? Or is it the other way around?

naru puffy:~/fcpackage.2_1$ grep -ri xrenderquerysubp *
Xft/xftdpy.c:   int render_order = XRenderQuerySubpixelOrder (dpy, screen);
Xrender/Xrender.c:XRenderQuerySubpixelOrder (Display *dpy, int screen)
Xrender/Xrender.h:int XRenderQuerySubpixelOrder (Display *dpy, int screen);

Fingerprint: 331A EE35 5794 5EAC 3444  BFB4 E094 C1B2 0930 8F0A

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