RE: garnome-0.20.0: compile fails at gnome-terminal

On Sun, 2003-01-12 at 19:21, lx_xero zapo net wrote:
> I was having this same problem, so I decided to check out a CVS copy of
> gnome-terminal to see if it was fixed in there, according to the change log
> it's a compile problem with gcc 2.95. I fixed it by overwritting
> encoding.c with the one from cvs. The only difference is that one line
> is moved. I attached a patch that fixes it. Apply it with patch -p1 < patch
> inside the gnome-terminal-2.1.4 directory. Hope I was of some help.

Thanks! That seems to have done the trick.

D. D. Brierton            darren dzr-web com 
       Trying is the first step towards failure (Homer Simpson)

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