Garnome - RedHat8 after installation!

Hello List, 

ive got a problem after the installation of Garnome!! If downloadet all files, and all seems to be OK.

But now, after restarting my RedHat8 ive got only ♫♫♫♫♫ at the application like Opera or X-Chat. 

When i login as root, i see the Fonts correctly (but after quitting Gnome, i see some error messages in the shell)

Now, if my gnome 1.4 is not reparable, how do i edit the .xinitrc? And how do i find this file? - But i do not start with "startX" gnome is everytime started after "INIT5" How do i start garnome / Gnome 2.2?

Thanx, Gaetano Panno
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