Re: Gnome 2.2 with normal user - More info

Core wrote:
Maybe a note about umask should be in the FAQ. Just enough for newbies.

I don't think so. If one decides to build as root, (s)he is supposed to be a "system administrator", and of course, quite familiar with the umask and everything else.

If the same one (who insists on installing GARNOME as root) wants to avoid editting a for every release of GARNOME, I'd rather suggest to create a new user for "GNOME Administration", let's call it "gnome". Then, "gnome" home directory (which might be eg. /gnome, instead of the common /home/gnome or whatever) will need to set the appropriate permissions (so everyone can read and execute needed files).

This way, you keep the traditional level of security ("traditional" in a sense that noone is allowed to write, read or even cd to a root home dir, a protection you advised earlier to be shut off!), and get all the benefits of multi-user install.

And last, I believe FAQ says that you should *NOT* install the GARNOME as root: if it's not there, then it should be updated.


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