XML Error in latest?


Just built the latest stock Garnome gnome-desktop from scratch on a Debian
system. No compile problems.

However, upon starting gnome-session, a GTK2 message box pops up saying 
the following:

Please contact your system administrator to resolve the following problem:
Could not resolve the address "xml:readonly:/gconf.xml.mandatory" in the 
configuration file "/home/pat/garnome/etc/gconf/2/path": Failed:
Could not make directory '/gconf.xml.mandatory': Permission denied.

You guys are my "system administrator". :)

The .xsession-errors files has the following line:

gconf-sanity-check-2 did not pass, logging back out

And that's that.

Apparently, it's trying to edit a file at the root of the filesystem. Good 
thing I'm not doing this as root!

Any help appreciated.


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