Re: Elprototypo feedback ...

On Wed, 2003-12-31 at 11:16, Kristof vansant wrote:
> you compiled gaim with no nss and no ssl this will compile gaim without
> the msn plugin
> I find this not an option, you just need mozilla-nss

I don't actually use gaim, so I'm not that bothered :)

> So gaim and evolution are because off missing libs.
> So you will have to update and install some stuff.

The problem is that configure should check for the required
libraries/includes and complain if it can't find them. As it is, it's
the BUILD that fails because configure didn't properly detect the
required libraries/includes/versions thereof, so it's still a bug,
especially considering:

$ rpm -q mozilla-nss

Lee Willis                                lee leewillis co uk

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