Re: Garnome and Solaris 2.6 - X problems

Patrick Morris wrote:

Rémi Cohen-Scali wrote:

> Why do you want gnome-terminal to generate a core. The message is just a security feature > of Solaris. To avoid it, add /home/sukumar/garnome/lib in your secure lib path with crle -c
> <your conf> -s /home/sukumar/garnome/lib -l ... -i ...

crle is a Solaris 8+ thing... 2.6 doesn't have it.

The original problem has me a tiny bit stumped here... I don't run Garnome on my Solaris boxes out of the home directory; I've always put it onto places like /usr/local, and I'm not sure if that makes a difference.

Yes it doesn't make any difference. The only secured dirs are /lib and /lib/sparcv9. I really don't know 2.6 and can't help but tells you (Sunil) to have a look at ;-)
Good luck


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