Re: evolution and ssl

<quote who="Volker Braun">

> I would recommend the following in gnome/evolution/Makefile:
> CONFIGURE_ARGS = $(DIRPATHS) --with-db3=$(prefix) --enable-openssl=yes
> --enable-nss=no --enable-pilot-conduits=no 

Yeah, I'll do that with the new version. The older one didn't build openssl
stuff properly. I'll disable the pilot stuff for now too.


> Note 2: Choosing a recipient when composing a new email hangs evolution
> as in garnome-0.23 because of a gal bug, upgrade to gal-1.99.3. Apart
> from that it appears to be quite useable.

Next version will have updated evo and friends.

- Jeff

-- 2004: Adelaide, Australia
   "Science helps a lot, but people built perfectly good brick walls long
               before they knew why cement works." - Alan Cox

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