trying to launch gstreamer after compiling gnome-fifth-toe with 0.18.2,
I got the following error :

The colorspace plug-in could not be found. This plug-in is essential for
gst-player. Please install it and verify that it works by running
'gst-inspect colorspace'

Of course gst-inspect doesn't list it.

Then I went in
garnome-0.18.2/gstreamer/gst-plugins/work/gst-plugins0.4.1/ext/lcs/ and
ran make...
And then :

lcs/lcs.h: no such file or directory

$ find / -name "lcs.h"

huh ???

I believe "cs" in "lcs" stands for colorspace, but I couldn't find
anything on that file, nor in garnome, neither on

Thanks for help.

Et s'il n'y avait pas la Science, malheureux cloportes suintants
d'ingratitude aveugle et d'ignorance crasse, s'il n'y avait pas
la Science, combien d'entre nous pourraient profiter de leur
cancer pendant près de cinq ans ?
- Pierre Desproges

Le Sensei...

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