Re: More on fontconfig and pango

On Mon, 2002-10-07 at 15:36, Sean Proctor wrote:

> > Doesn't look hopeful.  Suggestions welcome, I was hanging to have a go
> > at fontconfig.
> Doing a xmkmf -a seemed to work for me.  maybe try that?

Yep, that seems to work.  However I was loath to overwrite the debian
libraries, so I edited the resulting makefile before install and changed
all occurrences of /usr/X11R6 to my garnome base directory.  The install
worked, and pango has built OK.  I'm building the rest of garnome now.  

Not that this solves the underlying problem but it might help to know if
it works OK.  Anybody know of a good way to test if fontconfig is
working correctly?


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