Re: More on fontconfig and pango

<quote who="Steve Smith">

> > We *don't* install Keith's Xrender at all, so anyone running pre-4.2 XFree86
> > is going to have a rough time of it.
> Indeed, which pretty-much excludes woody users from the latest garnome
> (sarge too for the time being).  Ho Hum.

Yeah, and 4.2 only *just* hit unstable. I've been using Branden's devel
packages for a while. Sucks, but we can fix it.

> I'm not sure that you can actually get the latest Xrender to build with
> Xf86 4.1.  I'm having a go and getting:
> 	Cursor.c: In function `XRenderCreateCursor':
> 	Cursor.c:39: `X_RenderCreateCursor' undeclared (first use in 
> 	this function)
> Doesn't look hopeful.  Suggestions welcome, I was hanging to have a go
> at fontconfig.

Yeah, that's where I'm at right now. I'm attempting to massage the
incompatible bits out. If anyone's working on this, please let me know.

(Heh. I've just upgraded my iBook to X4.2, so I have to find a woody box to
play with now... Hmm... Housemates...)

- Jeff

                    The Unix Way: Everything is a file.                     
                 The Linux Way: Everything is a filesystem.                 

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