Re: Testing and Bugzilla: Kicking Arse with GARNOME

On Sat, 2002-11-16 at 09:54, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> What would be even cooler? I'd love to see everyone's bugs found in their
> use of GARNOME Cc'ed to garnome-list. That way, we can all keep track of the
> fixes, and our contributions to GNOME testing.

Good idea.  Then others using "known" builds (or at least the
differences are likely to be smaller) can look for the same bugs.

I'm sure more and better bug info will be generated this way - good

I was just thinking, the fact that garnome/gnome2 builds against dev
libraries that are possibly different may cause problems with bugs not
being reproducible?

I guess the assumption is that the libraries are stable but that's far
from the truth at the bleeding edge.


> Hopefully, this will help turn garnome-list into a mini GNOME testing
> powerhouse! ROCK!

Oh oh, I think all this success is going to his head ;-)

* Simon Wong *

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