Crazy Crack!

Hey Crazy Kids,

So, I got myself a present when GNOME 2 was released - dual Athlon 1800+ MPs
and a mobo to go with. Pretty sweet stuff... But I had to play with parallel
builds! :-)

So, that's now fixed. You don't have to build the various non-worky garballs
(ORBit2, etc) individually, they handle the -j1 themselves. You can do a
complete build (still testing this, it seems to be mostly ok) with at least
-j2. Wider parallelisation might break it (I'm also testing -j4).

In a moment of insanity, I also added a buildclean rule. That just cleans
out the working stuff, leaving the download dir and the cookies (so the rest
of the system knows the garball is installed). I guarantee this will confuse
people, because doing rebuilds will break if the build tree isn't properly
cleaned, but... Hey.

Then I added a BUILD_CLEAN option to, so that the system will
automagically buildclean after successful installs. I'm leaving this off by
default, but people with small hard drives will like it.

But that's not quite why I did it. :-)

I'm now doing a complete build of GARNOME in tmpfs (!!!), installing to my
home directory. So all of the rough stuff happens in RAM, but it slows down
a bit to shunt the results onto disk.

I'll post time(1) results once I'm happy with it working. ;-)

Coming soon to a point release near you!

- Jeff

             It's not just a song! It's a document of my life!              

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