Re: using garnome as default desktop

<quote who="Damien Covey">

> How do I use garnome as my default desktop accross all users of my 
> system.  The install script installed it in the /root so does that meant 
> that only root will be able to use garnome ?  I'd like to be able to use 
> garnome as other users too.  Is it as simple as copying the 
> /root/garnome directory to /usr/local/garnome or something similar ?

Just set the user's paths to wherever you installed it. If they have read
and execute permissions (true by default), it doesn't matter where it is.

Generally I'd recommend changing the prefix when installing, but it doesn't
matter if you haven't.

You *CANNOT* move the directory without symlinking it back. Doing that would
be like moving /usr and expecting stuff to work.

- Jeff

            "you misspelt 'world dominatrix'" - James Wilkinson             

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