Re: Nautilus crashing and NOT coming back

Did you try just running nautilus after it crashes? Open an xterm and type nautilus.


Simon Wong wrote:
Evening all!

Is anyone else having problems with Nautilus crashing after launching
applications from within it i.e. double-clicking on an application?

It is crashing and then will not restart when I try and run "nautilus"
from the command line.

This quite annoying as I would like to try it out some more.

I have filed a bug report as well...

I am trying to switch over to G2D for general use but this a bit

I've also had some problems with having both old (1.4) and new (2.0)
panels/menu panels appearing at the same time.

Is there a good p;ace to get rid of the old ones if they appear?

I had removed all my G1.4 configs but if you inadvertantly start an old
applet it creates a panel and menu panel that I can't remove.


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