Re: garnome-list digest, Vol 1 #57 - 9 msgs

Hi:  I have Mandrake 8.2 and I have installed garnome 0.10.1 and now
I want to get it started.  So I login and cd to garnome-0.10.1 dir and
type gnome-session and I get this error message:  

Gtk-WARNING - cannot open display
Gtk-WARNING - cannot open display

Now, on my system I boot up into the command line and login and then
as root start gdm so I can run ximian-gnome for mdk 8.2 or open kde3
where garnome 0.10.1 is. So how do I add garnome to gdm or get it started
from command line from the garnome dir?

Thanx for the replys.
Michael Dewey
md_291 onebox com - email
(206) 505-1554 x1694 - voicemail/fax


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