Panel and Slackware? (re: Panel)

I can't really add any value here except to confirm that I too had this
issue and was going to ask about it - then I found this thread.  I also
have Slackware 8, and I was unsucessful in previous garnome releases to
build, so 0.10.1 was my first success.  Perhaps there is a weird
interraction with Slack and first-time setups that causes the gconf to
"forget" the configuration database.

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From: Mark McGrew <mark deathstar stat net>
To: mattrose folkwolf net

>That's odd, I just installed garnome 0.10.1 and those entries are
>from $HOME/garnome/etc/gconf/2/path
># Now see where users want us to look - basically the user can stick
># sources in a ~/.gconf.path file and they're inserted here
>include "$(HOME)/.gconf.path"
># Give users a default storage location, ~/.gconf

Maybe it has something to do with upgrading vs. a new, first-time
installation, or leaving the prefix in unchanged. I've done
two builds of v. 0.10.1, and I had to fix the path file both times.

If it's any help tracking this down, here is my system setup:

--Slackware 8.0, slightly bastardized with some 8.1rc1 stuff
--kernel 2.4.18 with Robert Love's kernel preemp and lock-breaking
--gcc 2.95.3
--GNU Make 3.79.1
--modified so that $(prefix) is /opt/gnome2, standard
Slackware/LFHS setup
--first-time GARNOME installation was v0.9.7, every one after that I
have followed this procedure for upgrade:
    mv /opt/gnome2 /opt/gnome2.old
    mkdir /opt/gnome2
    [unpack GARNOME, edit $(prefix) value]
    make install
    [if basic UI seems to be working OK, delete /opt/gnome2.old]
    [try building gnome-fifth-toe etc.]

Jeff, I'll be happy to answer any other questions about my build
environment if you need more info.

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David Bicking

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