Re: GTK2 Themes

On Thu, 4 Jul 2002 20:08:14 +1000
Jeff tapped the following into the keyboard:

> <quote who="Matt Whimp & Sarah Kemp">
> > I didn't say kills KDE, I said it kills the kdesktop. 
> Still a big problem. I'll play around with it tonight.
> - Jeff

Did you ever have a look at this?  Just thought I'd update you on my

I've now compiled garnome 0.12.2.  If I start gnome-settings-daemon
under kde3.0.2, it still kills kdesktop, but the relevant gtk2.0 theme
is now applied to gtk2 apps.  So it now (mostly) works.

I'll write a script to run gnome-desktop-daemon and restore kdesktop on
starting up kde.



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