Re: Nautilus themes

> I also noticed the absence of Nautilus themes. I believe it is because
> it was decided that theming of the desktop should be more unified, but
> presumably integrating Nautilus themes into a general theming mechanism
> hasn't happened yet. You may find the answer to your question by
> browsing through the archives of the nautilus list and the usability
> list.

Ok. Theming that lot apps in gnome got on my nerves. 
So I'm looking forward having a unified theming concept in the future.

-- Rolf Kulemann

The following quote is from page 4-27 of the MSCP Basic Disk Functions
Manual which is part of the UDA50 Programmers Doc Kit manuals:

As stated above, the host area of a disk is structured as a vector of
logical blocks.  From a performance viewpoint, however, it is more
appropriate to view the host area as a four dimensional hyper-cube, the
four dimensions being cylinder, group, track, and sector.
	. . .
Referring to our hyper-cube analogy, the set of potentially accessible
blocks form a line parallel to the track axis.  This line moves
parallel to the sector axis, wrapping around when it reaches the edge
of the hyper-cube.

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