Re: Beginners questions...

begin  John Ross Hunt  quotation:
> >  The question is which tarballs should I download? (For example:
> >  I'll download the latest version of garnome, which gnome2 version
> >  should I get?)
> Probably the easiest way is to uncomment the GARCHIVEDIR variable in
> the top-level and run 'make paranoid-checksum'.  That
> will download and checksum all the required source files into a
> single directory.

	The GARCHIVEDIR does nothing to the checksum rule.

	Your best bet is to set GARCHIVEDIR to some place where you
want all of the source tarballs downloaded on your fast-network
machine.  Say, ~/garchive/$(DISTNAME)/ for a good default.

	Now cd into meta/gnome-desktop and do a "make deep-garchive".
Now you can burn that ~/garchive dir to CD or zip disk or
what-have-you, and take it home.  At home, put it in ~/garchive on
your build machine, and set GARCHIVEDIR to ~/garchive/$(DISTNAME)/
there as well.

	Alternately, you can just go to meta/gnome-desktop and do a
"make deep-checksum" and just re-tar-up the garnome dir and take that
home with you.

	The above advice will grab ONLY the stuff needed for the
gnome-desktop metagarball.  If you want to slurp EVERYTHING, do what
Mr. Hunt recommended, and run "make paranoid-foo" where foo is
garchive or checksum depending on which technique you are trying.

A: No.
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