Re: I'm too lazy to provide a real subject

...  I still can't find where it says "You can not move Garnome".  What I do
see, is big letters that say "If you have questions, join our mailing list!" 
What a joke, people ask questions, and they get insulted.  I personally don't
appreciate that.  And as far as the title goes, that was a mistake on my part,
I tried 'replying' to an e-mail, but it sent directly to that person, and not
the whole list.  So I copy-pasted my message into a new e-mail and sent it to
the list, forgetting to copy the subject.  I don't think I deserve to be run
into the ground over it.

You take a very simple question, and put more effort into running the person
down, than you put into just saying "No, you can't do that"  Or "You do it like
this".  Instead you make out like I didn't read the webpage before coming here
to ask my question.  I did, it didn't mention anything about moving garnome
after it was built.  Seems like such a simple thing to me.

-Jeremy, who just wanted to try out Garnome...  I guess that was too much to

--- Tom Whiting <wolf wolfstream net> wrote:
> On Saturday 24 August 2002 03:09 am, Jeremy wrote:
> > If you would ahve read all of my question, you'd know that I've already
> > built garnome, my question was how do I -move- it to a public directory. 
> > I'm trying to avoid spending another day building garnome.
> >
> > -Jeremy
> If YOU would have read the manual (like a good little compiler) you would
> have 
> seen that you can't just "move" things as they are. You need to supply a 
> valid, working public directory for things to go into. Just remember that 
> Gnome2 is HIGHLY volatile, and in some servers unstable (I'll stick to KDE 
> myself for now).
> BTW, provide a decent subject line next time. It's generally rude to just
> send 
> an email without a valid subject line, especially to a mailing list.
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