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<quote who="Sandeep Khanna">

> But, I had some duplicate entries in the Main Application Menu and it's 
> sub-menus.

That's due to having both the 1.x and 2.x desktop components installed at
the same time.

> Also, How do I add more applications or general stuff to Gnome 2 , like 
> install an application and it shows up in the Gnome 2 menu?

> Why can't Nautilus 1.0.6 display Authentication dialog for SMB 
> shares/machines on the network?

Nautilus 1.0.6 is the old GNOME 1.x version. Neither it, nor 2.x provides
the auth dialogue for SMB because... no one has added that capability yet.

> Also, It would be great to have A 
> Network-Neighbourhood icon on the desktop that uses Nautilus for SMB 
> browsing & sharing. I did that as follows:
> sandeepk sandeepk ~/.gnome-desktop $ cat Network\ Neighborhood.desktop
> /[Desktop Entry]
> Version=1.0
> Encoding=UTF-8
> Name=Network Neighbourhood
> Type=X-nautilus-home
> URL=smb://
> X-Nautilus-Icon=gnome-gnomba.png/
> sandeepk sandeepk ~/.gnome-desktop $
> There is no Sharing option in the Properties Menu of folders in Garnome 
> (Gnome 2) !!! which is there in Gnome 1.4

Both of these are Mandrake-specific features in their version of GNOME 1.x.

> I have Mandrake 8.2 + Gnome 1.4 running on another desktop machine 
> (*Intel P-II 333 Mhz, 192 Mb Ram, 4.3 Gb HDD, Matrox Millenium Graphics 
> card with 8 Mb video memory*) and with this inferior configuration in 
> comparison to my laptop, the GUI is a little more if not best, 
> responsive on the desktop !!! Why so?

Are you asking why the preformance is better on your desktop, or on your

> The first day I saw Nautilus, I knew that this is the thing for Linux. 
> It's simply great ! Although, many people complain about it being slow 
> in starting, displaying stuff, and crashing often.
> To make your Nautilus experience faster, in the Nautilus preferences:
>   1. Disable the usage of smoother graphics in the Appearance section.
>   2. Disable all the tabs (U might leave the tree tab if you like) in
>      the Sidebars Panels. Henceforth, no slowness and no crashes :)
>   3. Disable the "Show count of files in folders" option in Speed
>      Tradeoffs section.
>   4. Disable "Show Text in Icons" option in Speed Tradeoffs section.
> Try Nautilus now, u will be amazed at it's speed.

These are mostly settings for Nautilus 1.0.6. The 2.x versions are far
faster in every way.

- Jeff

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