[gamin] imapd: Failed to connect to socket /tmp/fam--

Hi, I'm probably posting to the wrong place but wanted to throw this
out there:

Ubuntu server ships courier-imap compiled with "Realtime Folder Updates":

This requires that either Gamin or FAM be installed, and by default
Ubuntu is shipping with Gamin as a dependency for courier-imap.

But our server has virtual email account setup (done via web control panel - they are not real users mapped in /etc/passwd but rather in the MySQL DB).

I found that the new courier-imap shipping with Gamin is  taking 7-10
seconds to switch to even empty mailfolders while logging this each time:

Courier: imapd: Failed to connect to socket /tmp/fam--

...so I'm thinking this is a Gamin issue? It seems to be timing out - is there some sort of config setting that can be put into /etc/gaminrc to make this
timeout instantly?



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