Re: [gamin] Try to port gamin to Solaris

On Mon, Mar 12, 2007 at 06:09:03PM +0800, Henry Zhang wrote:
> Hi experts,
> I am thinking to port Gamin or FAM to Solaris, I am just starting now,
> but I find this on the website: "At this point Gamin is fairly tied to
> Linux, portability is not a primary goal at this stage ", I am not sure
> if we have done some work in current Gamin relative with porting to
> Solaris? (From the Gamin news
>, I find this "fix build
> with Sun's compiler(James Andrewartha)".)
> And is there any pre-requisites for porting Gamin?
> Is it possible to run Gamin in Sun Ray?

  Gamin tries to use kernel support to detect file changes. So it is tied
to the underlying kernel (or fallback to polling), it works on some BSD because
support was added, it may work on Solaris, but it's likely to be far from
optimal unless special support for that kernel is added.


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