[gamin] Release of gamin-0.1.6

  It is available from the usual place:

This incorporates the changes and bug fixes for the last month, affecting
mostly the inotify back-end but also some portability and bug fixes:

* Large revamp of the inotify back-end (John McCutchan)
* Code reorganization, changes for polling (John McCutchan)
* Portability patches for NetBSD (Johnny Lam)
* Fix compilation without inotify
* environment variable GAM_TEST_DNOTIFY to force dnotify on inotify kernels (John McCutchan)
* Inotify race conditions fixes (John McCutchan)
* Removal of some asserts resulting in crashes
* Applied some testing patches (TomPh)
* Fixed a memory leak on inotify back-end
* Python detection fix

  thanks for everybody who helped or submitted patches. If some patches have
been dropped now is a good time to send updated ones based on the new code :-)


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