[gamin] fam.h and cpan's SGI::FAM

Greetings.  I'm moving a Fedora2 FAM thing using the SGI::FAM CPAN
module up to Fedora3's gamin... According to
I'll have to "touch /etc/fam.conf" to get SGI::FAM to work, but
more fundamentally, compiling SGI::FAM on Fedora3 runs into
   FAM.xs:11:17: fam.h: No such file or directory
followed of course by hundreds of error messages :-( And indeed, on
Fedora3 /usr/include/fam.h isn't there, whereas on Fedora2 it is.
Neither is there any /usr/include/gamin.h for me to symlink...

I guess it's unsafe for me to just copy my Fedora2 fam.h over
into the Fedora3 /usr/include/ ?

Any help gratefully received,  Regards,  Peter

Peter Billam,   DPIWE/CIT/Servers,   hbt/lnd/l8,   6233 3061

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