Re: [gamin] Question on locked mountpoint problem

On Fri, 2005-06-17 at 14:34 +0300, Martin Pärtel wrote:
> So when gamin uses inotify exclusively there should be no problems with 
> umounting as long as no other process is using the mountpoint?
> If so then it seems I wrongly assumed that the version in Ubuntu 5.06 (0.0.26) 
> uses inotify.

Hoary disables inotify by default. Breezy will have it enabled by

> > Also, new versions of gamin do their best to avoid this problem by not using
> > dnotify on any path that looks like a removable device.
> If inotify is available then why is dnotify needed? Or did you mean it does 
> this when inotify is unavailable?

dnotify is going to be around for a while. But hopefully starting with
2.6.13, inotify will be included in the standard kernel.

> Thanks for answering my stupid questions :)
> Perhaps an FAQ item on inotify, dnotify and polling mode would be in order?

Probably not a bad idea.

John McCutchan <ttb tentacle dhs org>

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