Re: [gamin] Re: gam_node.c cleanup

Daniel Veillard wrote:
On Mon, Jun 13, 2005 at 05:12:16AM -0700, Daniel Kegel wrote:

Daniel Veillard wrote:

However I'm a bit uneasy with transforming casual return handling in case
of NULL parameters, sometimes it's just cumbersome to test NULL and having
the server exit for a perfectly recoverable reason can be just nasty. Such
an assert generated for example a number of "gam_server existed" bug report
it was good in that it allowed to chase the problem, it was bad in the
sense it made runtime hard for all users !

Why?  Asserts should compile to nothing in production code.

  Well, apparently that's not the case with g_assert() !

blah.  Well, then, switch 'em to plain old assert(), maybe...

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