[gamin] Re: [Kaffeine-user] dvb + kaffeine-cvs + gamin 0.1.2 + 2.6.13-rc3 = high cpu usage

Christophe Thommeret schrieb:
> Le Mercredi 20 Juillet 2005 16:25, Prakash Punnoor a écrit :
>>I haven't used kaffeine since quite some time. I tried recently and noticed
>>that CPU usage is very high and gamin is using a lot. This is only when I
>>tune into dvb. Playing an mpeg2 from hd is OK.
>>Who is the problem maker? Long ago (I think I used famd then) I didn't have
>>this problem...
> You got the answer : "gamin is using a lot"

Well, the question is still may kaffeine be the cause? Gamin is there for file
monitoring, so does kaffeine set up some files for monitoring which it
shouldn't do? I didn't have probs with gamin if I use mplayer to watch dvb.
(xine is nowadays majorly broken for dvb, so I cannot test.) And except with a
java app "Project X" works very well for me...

(BTW, I have inotify enabled in the kernel.)



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