Re: [gamin] Release of gamin-0.1.2 and going forward

On Wed, 2005-07-13 at 11:14 -0400, Daniel Veillard wrote:
>   Following the inclusion of inotify in Linus kernel and the change of 
> kernel API, I made a new release freezing the current state of CVS, 
> the changes from 0.1.1 are:
>    - inotify patches from John McCutchan
>    - a number of the server code cleanup patches from Neal H. Walfield
>      (but not all of them)
>   Depending on people's interest we may do different things:
>    1/ try to stabilize the 0.1.x branch based on the upcoming feedback
>    2/ use this transition at the lower level as an opportunity to finish
>       revamping the server code (i.e. go with the other patches from
>       Neal)
>  I would be fine going through plan 2/ assuming Neal is interested in
> continuing the cleanup. We could also branch, but I would find that a bit
> too heavyweight considering were not even yet at an 1.0 release.

If it's worth anything, I say go for plan 2.

>   What do people think ? I'm still pondering the issue of watching all
> ancestors from a monitored node, I also need to start playing with inotify,
> it certainly have different behaviour from dnotify, and probably can
> help detecting change on any of the parent without the same crazyness as
> dnotify forces us to. 
>   At this point dnotify is legacy, and I'm fine optimizing for the inotify
> case as long as we don't break the simpler dnotify support and other kernel
> mechanism on BSD/Mach/etc...

Excellent! I'm happy you are being so supportive of inotify now that it
is included in the kernel. I agree that we should continue to keep the
kernel helper backends as modular as possible. Let me know if you have
any questions about inotify.

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