[gamin] Release of gamin-0.1.2 and going forward

  Following the inclusion of inotify in Linus kernel and the change of 
kernel API, I made a new release freezing the current state of CVS, 
the changes from 0.1.1 are:
   - inotify patches from John McCutchan
   - a number of the server code cleanup patches from Neal H. Walfield
     (but not all of them)

  Depending on people's interest we may do different things:
   1/ try to stabilize the 0.1.x branch based on the upcoming feedback
   2/ use this transition at the lower level as an opportunity to finish
      revamping the server code (i.e. go with the other patches from

 I would be fine going through plan 2/ assuming Neal is interested in
continuing the cleanup. We could also branch, but I would find that a bit
too heavyweight considering were not even yet at an 1.0 release.

  What do people think ? I'm still pondering the issue of watching all
ancestors from a monitored node, I also need to start playing with inotify,
it certainly have different behaviour from dnotify, and probably can
help detecting change on any of the parent without the same crazyness as
dnotify forces us to. 
  At this point dnotify is legacy, and I'm fine optimizing for the inotify
case as long as we don't break the simpler dnotify support and other kernel
mechanism on BSD/Mach/etc...


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