[gamin] Re: [PATCH] inotify 0.5

On Tue, Jul 27, 2004 at 11:35:30PM -0400, John McCutchan wrote:
> >   yup, you don't want to delay the event, but block successive Changed events
> > until a given delay. This can be done completely server based.
> I am working on this right now. For each connection I have added a queue
> of changes, and then when an event comes down that is already in the
> queue I just toss it out (What about reqno's?). After a set delay the
> queue gets flushed and all events get sent down the fd. How does this
> sound?

  reverse than I would suggest. Do not delay the first event. But delay
future similar events. Might be doable in your current design by switching
slightly how items are queued and processed (adding a 'sent' flag to events).

> >   I'm still unclear. Do you mean libgamin ? How would the library knows
> > it's shutting down, since FAM is the only user visible interface from the
> > library to the application (and I would really like to keep it that way).
> > It seems I'm missing something, or do you mean a internal API call at the
> > server level when it's shutting down (say on SIGINT signal) ?
> Sorry, I meant in the server. I have been reading more of the gamin
> code, and I realize now that it should be fine to add a shutdown
> callback for the backend.

  yeah, no problem.

> I have a couple questions for you though,
> 1) What is this request number all about?

  nothing yet. that could be used to do flow control.

> 2) Why do we send EXIST events? This doesn't really mesh well with

  backward compatibility with FAM, please do not change.

> inotify since you can't watch anything in inotify until it exists.

  that need to be fixed too with dnotify, see TODO.

> 3) When I am using the dnotify backend and I create a file in a
> directory being watched I get 2 Create events one with just the filename
> and the second with the full path name. Is this a bug or what?

  Not normal. Didn't show up in my own tests

> 4) What is gamin supposed to mean?

  like marmot it's a familiar word for kid.


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