Re: Swell Foop compilation.

For building the latest version, you can use GNOME Builder and Flatpak as detailed in

For compiling manually, it's same as any other Meson project: `meson build && cd build && ninja && ninja install`

On Sat, Nov 10, 2018 at 6:54 PM, Γιώργος Κωστόπουλος via games-list <games-list gnome org> wrote:
Hi! :-) Does someone knows, hot to compile it? I can always install the repo version, but I wanted the latest one for testing the implemented bug fixes. TIA! :-) G. PS. I wish the Gnome game projects to had build instructions. Not all of us, are C programmers. Actually, most of us we are indeed programmers. :-) Just, not specifically C ones. Oh...I suppose this was a feature request (Documentation needs compilation instructions). :-) _______________________________________________ games-list mailing list games-list gnome org

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