Re: On streamling of gnome games

On Mon, 2014-03-24 at 21:07 +0100, Mario Wenzel wrote:
To recap: We should take a good look again at our games roadmap and
think about whether New Game Screens are really necessary. We should
include adaptive difficulty wherever possible and remove (explicit)
settings in cases where we conceivably could sense usage patterns. We
should remove fundamental settings that impact the playability (not
difficulty but for example whether we have a human opponent, be it
local or remote) from options menu and put that somewhere sensible (I
suggest a second “New Game”-Button or overloading the existing one
with a popover).

Right now the only games with new game screens are Mines and Sudoku. I
do agree with your concern about having an extra screen. We have an open
bug report in Mines from a player who wants to skip the new game screen.
Still, it's a better place than the preferences dialog for selecting
your opponent.

I guess adaptive difficulty would be one way of avoiding the issue. I'm
not very passionate about this, since I also think normal difficulty
levels are fine, too. We should probably not completely take away the
player's ability to choose his own difficulty level.

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