Re: Documenting gnome-chess

On Wed, 2014-03-12 at 13:19 +0530, Anna Philips wrote:

I'd like to work on finishing the rest of the mallard documentation
for Gnome-chess.

A brief update on what's going on would be really helpful and it'd be
great if any of the developers could help me out in the process(just a
few questions here and there).

Hey Anna,

Great to hear you're interested in working on this! I'm not an expert on
Mallard, but I can certainly answer any questions you have about Chess,
either over email or, if we schedule in advance, IRC.

As for an update on what's going on, the answer would be "not much." We
currently have both Docbook and Mallard help in our repository, but the
Mallard is not built, and pretty much all of the pages are stubs. So if
you were to work on the help, it would unfortunately not be so much
finishing the job so much as writing everything from scratch. (You're
probably aware that we can't reuse anything from the Docbook help for
license reasons.)



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