Chess - 3D mode

Hi all,

We're planning to remove 3D mode from GNOME Chess in 3.14. We want Chess
to provide an excellent user experience, but it frankly only does when
played in 2D mode, which looks great.

If we don't remove 3D mode, then it needs to be ported from GLX to EGL
prior to 3.14 in order to run naively under Wayland, which is not
something we're currently planning to work on. The severe performance
issues with smooth mode would need to be addressed (or smooth mode could
be removed). I also see limited value in retaining 3D mode unless it
receives attention from a graphics artist. Additionally, there are
currently severe flickering issues caused by the recent double-buffering
changes in GTK+, but that change might be reverted so we may not have to
worry about it.

In short, 3D mode requires work far outside our expertise that we're
currently not planning to do. I expect most users will be fine with
this, but if you're a fan of 3D mode, it'd be good to hear from you.


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