Gnome Games 3.1.1 released

gnome-games 3.1.1

Major changes:
* Aisleriot was split out of gnome-games into its own module.
* Sudoku was ported to pygobject/GTK3 by John Stowers.
* Lapo Calamandrei added a new default theme to swell-foop.




Alexander Shopov (3):
      Updated Bulgarian translation
      Updated Bulgarian translation
      Updated Bulgarian translation

Ask H. Larsen (3):
      Updated Danish translation
      Updated Danish translation
      Updated Danish translation

Bruce Cowan (1):
      Updated British English translation

Changwoo Ryu (1):
      Updated Korean translation

Christian Persch (13):
      Revert "aisleriot: Remove sol/clutter from 3.0 branch"
      aisleriot: Decouple libgames-support from aisleriot
      aisleriot: Move private icons to aisleriot
      libgames-support: Don't translate pspec nick and blurb
      build: Always build libgames-support
      libgames-support: Remove obsolete version checks
      build: rm aisleriot
      libgames-support: Remove cruft
      libgames-support: Use real icon names
      build: Remove lsb checks
      build: Remove some more of aisleriot
      libgames-support: Remove aisleriot special casing
      build: Fix inverted sqlite check

Cosimo Cecchi (2):
      gnobots2: add the primary-toolbar style class
      mahjongg: add the primary-toolbar style class on the toolbar

Daniel Korostil (1):
      Uploaded Ukranian

Daniel Mustieles (2):
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation

Daniel Nylander (1):
      Updated Swedish translation

Gabor Kelemen (1):
      Updated Hungarian translation

Gil Forcada (1):
      [l10n]Updated Catalan translation

Jason D. Clinton (3):
      gnome-games.doap: Add a description field to make the ftpadmin
script happy
      lightsoff, swell-foop: Set WM_CLASS for Shell Application tracking
      swell-foop: Fix About dialog description of the game

John Stowers (24):
      sodoku: a little more gi porting
      soduku: gi porting
      sudoku: gi port starts
      sudoku: gi port, hack pango_layout_set_markup
      sudoku: gi port, add user_data=None to callbacks
      soduku: gi port actually draws games!
      soduku: gi port, add broken numberbox
      soduku: gi port, hack around gdk_window_get_origin change
      sodoku: gi port, remove old code
      sodoku: gi port, fix dialog_extras
      sodoku: gi port, tidy dialog_extras
      sodoku: gi port, more debugging for colors/focus/state
      sodoku: gi port, hack around gdk_window_get_origin
      sodoku: gi port, autotools check for pygobject
      sodoku: gi port, GtkPrintOperation*
      sudoku: gi port, replace pixbuf recolor
      sodoku: gi port, fix PangoCairo.show_layout
      sodoku: gi port, state/focus tracking work
      sodoku: gi port, colors now working
      sodoku: gi port complete, move out of staging
      sodoku: gi port complete, fix Gtk.DirectionType.TAB_BACKWARD
      sudoku: add the primary-toolbar style class
      sudoku: fix hidden notes
      sudoku: gi port, fix override and background colors

Jorge González (1):
      Updated Spanish translation

Kjartan Maraas (1):
      Updated Norwegian bokmål translation

Lapo Calamandrei (1):
      swell-foop: Add shape to default theme so is visble by color-blind people

Marek Černocký (2):
      Updated Czech translation
      Updated Czech translation

Mario Blättermann (1):
      [l10n] Updated German translation

Matej Urbančič (2):
      Updated Slovenian translation
      Updated Slovenian translation

Muhammet Kara (2):
      Updated Turkish translation
      Added Turkish figures for glines

Piotr Drąg (3):
      Updated Polish translation
      Updated Polish translation
      Updated Polish translation

Robert Ancell (18):
      lightsoff: Get working with seed 2.91.90
      swell-foop: Runs fine with seed 2.91.90
      libgames-support: Install typelib into a private location, don't
bother installing the .gir since the library is private and is not
going to be extended by other libraries
      lightsoff: Fix settings dialog
      swell-foop: Fix settings dialog
      libgames-support: Do install the .gir file, but in a private location
      chess: Correctly set up i18n (Bug #647090)
      chess: Mark strings for translation that were missed
      chess: Fix bug in Vala GTK bindings setting file filter labels
      chess: Use standard license in about dialog
      chess: Mark string for translation that were missed
      chess: Remove unnecessary wrap_license property of about dialog
      chess: Use OptionContext for command line arguments
      swell-foop: Make test theme use the same colors as the defaut,
and rename to 'Colors'.  Rename tango theme to 'Shapes and Colors'
      chess: Correctly apply fifty move rule after 50 full moves, not
half moved (Bug #649625)
      chess: Update UI file to recent glade
      chess: Remember window size
      chess: Fix fullscreen mode not working

Thomas Hindoe Paaboel Andersen (13):
      sudoku: Auto convert with
      sudoku: Replace pygtk.require with gi.require_version
      sudoku: Fix imports
      sudoku: port the gconf wrapper
      gnotravex: revert accidental commit
      version bump
      sudoku: more gi porting
      sudoku: use set_related_action
      sudoku: imports fix, replace deprecated api
      sudoku: Fix runtime warning
      sudoku: Import Gdk and fix color parsing
      sudoku: Fix setting numbers using keyboard
      iagno: Default AI difficulty should be easiest

Yaron Shahrabani (2):
      Updated Hebrew translation.
      Updated Hebrew translation.

Yuri Myasoedov (1):
      Updated Russian translation

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