Card Counter for Aisleriot

I was wondering whether some able programmer could modify Aisleriot to
provide optionally viewing a card-counter window. I play SolSuite
Klondike in VirtualBox with the Card Counter window open to indicate
the cards available in the stack (see attached screenshot). This
allows quick location of a card I want to play by clicking the stack
until it lights up in the card counter. I even wrote a Delphi
mousehook which (1)enables me to right-click the card I wish to play
in the card counter and (2)locates the card and plays it. This has
made playing the game much faster and more enjoyable.
Could you let me know if this would be possible with Aisleriot?

Dennis Jones
100 Hales Chapel Rd. #4
Gray, TN 37615

Phone: (423)207-0140
email: denniskjones hotmail com

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