GNOME Games 2.29.1

This first development release of gnome-games 2.29 is an exciting one with lots 
of user visible changes. The new game Lightsoff has been added to the package
bringing a dependency on Seed. Same GNOME has also been ported to Seed/Clutter
and at the same time changed its name to Swell Foop. Gnometris also changed 
its name to Quadrapassel. This release is delivered without network support except
for GLChess. The dependency on GGZ has been dropped in favour of a coming move
to Telepathy for networked gaming.

To the users of Blackjack, we are sorry to inform you that the game has been
dropped from GNOME Games.

A HUGE thanks go out to Google for the three GSoC students that they sponsored
this summer. A large amount of the work for 2.29 has come from their work.

Thank you, Google!

There have been a radical number of changes in master which concern
documentation and translation teams: please see our email to the relevant

Shortlog below:

Branko Kokanović (3):
      Added Serbian translation

Christian Persch (7):
      build: Remove leftover ggz m4 macros
      build: Remove old ggz ChangeLog file
      build: Move included gnuchess from dependencies/ to glchess/
      build: Change for the gnuchess move
      build: Drop blackjack
      build: Automatically keep .gitignore files updated
      ld: Remove .gitignore files

Claude Paroz (2):
      [gnotravex] Fix documentation errors (Fixes bug #595771)
      Updated French translation of Tetravex manual

Gintautas Miliauskas (1):
      Updated Lithuanian translation.

Guillaume Beland (132):
      Initial commit including the work I did over the past 2 weeks
      Added new files to the build and updated main.c
      Forgot about that makefile, added the new svg
      Loading pixmaps in main.c
      First tentative to implement worm with clutter
      Using g_object_set_property instead of ClutterScript to set special actor
      Removed unused code for loading pixmaps in board.c
      Various work on worm-clutter.c
      Some minor work on worm-clutter
      Some work on resizing worm & creating/displaying them properly
      Small fix to resize worm properly, now reloading pixmaps on resize
      Fixed worm resizing for good
      Added a bunch of code from worm.c to worm-clutter.c related to AI
      Added two files that got lost somehow along the way
      Implemented basic movement on worms & some code cleanup
      minor fixes
      First succesful attemp to slow down timeline
      First step to connect AI with worm's movement
      Cleaned up the code, fixed some stuff, still need to tweak a lot stuff
      Factorized a bunch of code out of main into 3 functions to move worm
      Small fix regarding head & tail position and other small stuff
      Added clutter support in bonus.[ch]
      Integrated new GnibblesLevel to boni.c
      Same process with warp, Integrated clutter to warp..
      Integrated GnibblesLevel to wrapmanager
      Various code cleanup
      Fixed some silly mistake, now we're getting closer to something!
      Fixed one more silly mistake regarding worm head & tail
      Code clean-up, added some utility function to get head & tail actor..
      Added debug info, changed the level & found why it was hanging in
      Getting closer and closer to a working AI
      Worms are now moving nicely, but need some more tweak..
      Code refactoring & clean up & some more tweak on worm
      Code refactoting, some improvment on worm, warp and bonus actors added to the
      Started to tie different part of the game together & more work on worm
      Big commit, began to remove old code, improvement on worm...
      Fixed some compiler warning, integrating the logic to start a new game
      Everything in place to control worm with keyboard, and some more tweak on game
      Some minor code clean-up
      Not using a timeline to call the move_worm_cb () function plus some fixes
      Now handling worm's status and moved move_worm_cb to gnibbles.c and renabed it
      Commented out all unused code, removed worm.{ch} from the build system +fix
      Removed old code, renamed function & global variables
      Disabled logo, fixed worm's AI movement, a playable version is close
      Moved gnibbles_add_bonus to level.c, removed old code, fixed a lot of tiny bugs
      Forgot to comment out those lines,
      Renamed GnibblesCWorm to GnibblesWorm & related function, work on boni
      WOrking on keypress handler and reseting the worm after its death
      Fixed warp, mostly, also fixed gnibbles_worm_reset (), mostly
      Added fade-in animation on level & worm on game start
      Fixed logo/splash screen
      Small fade-out effect on splash screen when the game begin
      Fixed gnibbles_worm_reset(), Worm now restart properly after death
      Fixed keyboard control
      Added fade-in effect on bonus, removed useless commented code
      Fixed keypress queue and dequeue
      Bunch of small fixes related to colision detection, positioning and such
      Removed the GtkClutterEmbed from GnibblesBoard and replaced it with a
      Trivial code refactoring & small fixes
      Rotation on bonus, still need polish, also trying to fix bugs in collision
      Work on debugging collision detection, added debug info, gnibbles_worm_inverse()
      Moved to ClutterAnimation to animate bonus, work on worm animation when dying
      Trivial code refactoring
      Nicer animation when worm die
      Improved worm's explosion by adding a scale effect
      More trivial code refactoring
      Merged level.c to board.c ...
      Made a lot of fix  on worm movement, still can't put the finger on what is wrong
      Re-added gnibles_error()
      Partially solved the collision bug, added utility method to lighten the code
      Factored out code to handle bonus into a new utility function
      Updated to clutter-1.0 ...
      Removed useless call to floorf and roundf and simplified code with MAX call
      Removed the stage from GnibblesBoard
      Added GError handling where needed
      Re-integrated proper warp management
      Removed clutter_actor_show (stage)
      Changed the animation when the level load & worm appear on the board
      Added MarioBros-like animation whena part of the worm disapear...
      New animation on bonus
      Some tweak on bonus and warp animation
      Completely changing the way worms are moving.
      Made the majority of changes needed to utility function & removed old code
      Code refactoring, removed old code and some minor fixes
      Finally solved the colision detection bug
      Nicer animation when worm die
      Collision bug not solved after all & Fixed a silly mistake in gnibbles_worm_get_tail_direction
      Solved the collision bug for good, hopefully!
      Some work on bonus/erasing tail, animation on warp and small fix to bonus anim
      New effect on worms when eating a bonus, still need polishing
      Fixed the menu to work with gnome-globalmenu
      Some trivial code refactoring, a little animation on the splash screen and ...
      Resizing bonus on configure event
      Also resizing warp on configure event
      Don't reload the splash screen when changin the start level
      Fixed bonus, worms now recognize which type of bonus they eat
      Fixed reversing worm's direction, tweak on animation and some other trivial
      Some work on bonushalf & other general improvement
      Fixed a problem in worm_get_tail_direction where it returned the worng direction
      Removed debug code
      Removed old worm.c|h & some trivial code refactoring
      Renamed worm-clutter.[ch] to worm.[ch]
      Trivial code reformating
      Changing & loading new level properly, code clean up & minor tweak
      Destroying worm properly
      Some improvement to reset and animate worm properly when they die, still need work
      Reseting and animating the worm more nicely when dying
      New animation for on walls and finally reintroduced mariobros-like animation on
      Animation tweak and minor fix
      Fixed the reset/colision bug.
      Changed the tweening for the bonus show animation
      Fixed coding style to follow the GNU coding style (removed tabs etc)
      Not reseting the worm score and lives on new level
      Ending the game when a player do not have lives left
      Added an animation when a game end
      Applying the same animation  when switching level
      Properly reseting worm's live and score on new game
      Solved the bug when traveling through warp, warp reset and tail follow properly
      Using the right color for worms
      Removed debug-related code
      More rebust solution for the previously solved warp bug
      Trivial code refactoring
      Properly using setgid_io_init
      Fix splash screen resizing/rescaling and some effort on trying to reduce CPU
      More work on reducing CPU usage
      Added shadow to text on the splash screen & improved resizing
      Found what is causing the high CPU usage...
      Using the same value everywhere when resizing splashscreen
      small fix on splash screen text position.
      gnibbles: removed an old an unused function.
      gnibbles: Fixed bug #598668, Removed useless check
      gnibbles: Fixed bug #598664, Using safe flaot comparison

Jason D. Clinton (25):
      GNOME Games 2.28.0
      Post-release version bump to to 2.29.0
      aisleriot: partial fix for z-order of empty slots; handles drag case (#575740)
      aisleriot: remove usless region invalidation with Clutter; OpenGL doesn't care
      aisleriot: resolve z-order for empty slots; handles selection case (#575740)
      lightsoff: enable in default builds
      gnibbles: remote all trailing whitespace to make git happy
      i18n: remove GGZ parts in to fix translations
      same-gnome: move old help in to new same-gnome
      same-gnome: remove the old version
      same-gnome: move the new same-gnome-clutter in to the same-gnome directory
      gnometris: renamed to quadrapassel due trademark concerns
      same-gnome: renamed to swell-foop due to "GNOME" in name; we don't prefer that
      swell-foop: s/same-gnome/swell-foop/g
      swell-foop: fix translation issues with build Oddly, specifically looks for a handful of directories for sanity
      quadrapassel: additional build fixes
      icons: Use the right AM_CONDITIONAL for Quadrapassel's icon
      quadrapassel: Update translations to use new file names
      quadrapassel: Fix translations against new help file names
      quadrapassel: Perform s/gnometris/quadrapassel/g on file paths and names
      i18n: update the POTFILES.* files for the correct paths
      swell-foop: reenable the build of the help subdir for help files
      swell-foop: fix distcheck problem due to error in help
      swell-foop: make sure we remove the schema file on distclean

Joe Hansen (1):
      Updated Danish translation of the dodumentation

Jorge González (4):
      Updated Spanish translation
      Fixed misspelling, fixes bug #598311
      Updated Spanish translation, fixes bug #599409

Mario Blättermann (1):
      Updated German doc translation

Petr Kovar (1):
      Updated Czech help translation by Marek Cernocky

Thomas Hindoe Paaboel Andersen (19):
      Gseal: mostly allocation fixes
      gnect: Fix GSEAL issues
      gnibbles: Fix GSEAL issues
      iagno: Fix GSEAL issues
      aisleriot: Fix the statusbar-related GSEAL issues
      add the new gnibbles/board.c to
      gnobots2: Remove trailing whitespace in makefile
      gnomine: fix a build warning
      lightsoff: add schema file to distclean
      Remove GGZ
      Remove ggz from README files. Also remove some deleted files from
      glchess: check for pthread if building gnuchess
      Ifdef the last usage of deprecated gtk symbols
      gnibbles: fix some code style issues. ISO C90 and missing voids
      glines: score is guint so can't be less than zero
      gnect: logic AND should have been bitwise AND
      glchess: add the makefile from glchess back to
      gnibbles: remove deleted files from

Tim Horton (5):
      Use @libdir@ instead of @prefix@/lib
      lightsoff: Fix offset so board is vertically centered
      lightsoff: Make sure cached textures are hidden
      lightsoff: Implement "Use colors from GNOME theme" checkbox
      lightsoff: Watch for Gtk theme changes, and update theme coloring

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