Re: Clutter changes on trunk


Le Sun, 29 Mar 2009 15:41:11 -0500,
"Jason D. Clinton" <me jasonclinton com> a écrit :
> I will check-in these changes later today:
> 5. Our private copy of gtk-clutter-embed.h is killed off; I have no
> desire to maintain it and upstream has added new features and broken
> API.

Last time I checked (just now), upstream's gtk-clutter-embed is still
broken (it calls realize from gtk_widget_show()!).

So I'm ok with you using upstream gtk-clutter-embed in gnometris etc,
but please keep gnome-clutter-embed code in svn, and don't change
aisleriot to use upstream's gtk-clutter-embed. And only comment it out
from libgames-support/ if it doesn't build with clutter 0.9.
I'll update games-clutter-embed with clutter-gtk upstream changes as
soon as I get a moment.


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