Gnome Games 2.26.0

gnome-games 2.26.0

This release is the first stable release in the Gnome 2.26 desktop
module. Other than translation updates, three bugs were fixed:

 - When using Clutter, draw Aisleriot card movement animations to empty
   stacks correctly (Neil Roberts)

 - Fix crasher bug where the a dict was being changed in one thread while
   another was iterating over the dict. (Thomas H.P. Andersen, Bug
 - Fixes a crasher bug when numpy is not installed. (Thomas H.P.
   Andersen, Bug #416249)

aklapper (2):
      Updated Czech translation by Petr Pulc.
aman (2):
      updating for Gnome Punjabi Translation by A S Alam
amitakhya (1):
      Updated assamese translations
claudep (3):
      Fixed wrong term and typo.
      Updated French translation by Bruno Brouard and Claude Paroz.
      Updated French translation (synced edit with aisleriot help)
dnloreto (1):
      Updated Portuguese translation
gforcada (2):
      Updated Catalan translation by Joan Duran
gintas (2):
      Updated Lithuanian translation.
hendrikr (1):
      Updated German translation.
icq (1):
      Updated Galician Translation by Suso Baleato.
ifelix (1):
      tamil translation updated
kelemeng (2):
      Hungarian translation updated
kennethn (1):
      Updated Danish translation by Ask. H. Larsen
kkrothap (2):
      Updated Telugu Translation
mateju (2):
      Updated Slovenian translation
mgiri (2):
      Updated Oriya Translation.
      Added entries for Oriya language Translation updation.
miloc (4):
      Updated Italian translation
nshmyrev (2):
      Updated Russian translation.
pwithnall (10):
      Added British English manual translation by Jen Ockwell
      Updated British English translation.
      Added British English translations by Jen Ockwell
      Added British English to DOC_LINGUAS.
      Added British English manual translations.
rranjan (1):
      hindi update by Rajesh Ranjan
sandeeps (1):
      Updated Marathi Translations
sprasad (1):
      updated kn.po
tvainika (1):
      Added initial Finnish translation of manual by Valto Wirkola
wbolster (1):
      Updated Dutch translation by Tino Meinen.
yairhr (1):
      updated hebrew translation

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