gnome-games 2.27.5 released

gnome-games 2.27.5

Tim's branch was merged adding introspection support for libgames-support. A
staging version of the seed/clutter based same-gnome was also added.



Chao-Hsiung Liao (1):
      Updated Traditional Chinese translation(Hong Kong and Taiwan)

Christian Kirbach (1):
      Updated German translation.

Christian Persch (8):
      Revert "[libgames-support] Don't pass --internal to glib-genmarshal"
      Revert "[libgames-support] Tiny build fix for merge of gsoc-seed-games"
      bgames-support: Add for use by
      libgames-support: Make GamesClock work with multiple calls to start()
      libgames-support: Assert that threads are initialised
      aisleriot: Change licence to GPL 3+
      libgames-support: Use link instead of FSF address in the GPL3 note

Claude Paroz (5):
      Updated Mahjongg French help translation
      [lightsoff] Improve translatability of ui file
      [aisleriot] Remove game name with tilde suffix
      [same-gnome-clutter] Use attributes instead of embedded markup
in translatable strings
      Updated French translation

Daniel Mustieles (2):
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation

Ivar Smolin (3):
      Updating Estonian translation
      Updating Estonian translation
      Updating Estonian translation

Robert Ancell (1):
      Move glchess and gnome-sudoku image dirs again from
/usr/share/gnome-games/name/ to /usr/share/name to match other data

Thomas Hindoe Paaboel Andersen (6):
      Post-release version bump
      Add new files to POTFILES
      Use accessor functions for -DGSEAL_ENABLE
      Use accessor functions for -DGSEAL_ENABLE
      Use accessor functions for -DGSEAL_ENABLE
      comment out schemas files for staging games to fix build

Tim Horton (98):
      Update Lights Off to use Clutter 0.9
      Lights Off: Many changes to match internal Clutter changes
      Disable build of Gnometris for now; it doesn't work because of
Clutter changes and I can't seem to fix it.
      More disabling of gnometris, for now, just to get PPA working again :-(
      Revert "Disable build of Gnometris for now; it doesn't work
because of Clutter changes and I can't seem to fix it."
      Revert "More disabling of gnometris, for now, just to get PPA
working again :-("
      [libgames-support] Install libgames-support to the commondatadir
      [libgames-support] Copy in Clutter's introspection-building code
      [libgames-support] Remove assertion that ensures Card fits in one byte
      [libgames-support] Strip the 'games_' prefix in introspection data
      [libgames-support] Only call g_thread_init if it hasn't already
been called
      [lightsoff] Consume "new" stock item from libgames-support
      [lightsoff] Don't load themes twice, don't fade between the same theme
      [same-gnome-clutter] Create a directory for the Seed+Clutter
port of Same Gnome
      [same-gnome-clutter] Import same-gnome from the Seed repository
      [lightsoff] Cleanup, as Seed recently added script cwd to include path
      [same-gnome-clutter] Build and install the C port of the Clutter
port of Same
      [lightsoff] Don't remove js files during make clean
      Add introspection output to gitignore
      [same-gnome-clutter] Update various parts of the Seed port
      [lightsoff] Initial implementation of About dialog.
      [lightsoff] Add i18n for About dialog
      [lightsoff] Add translator + artist credits.
      [lightsoff] Implement 'quit' and 'new game'
      [lightsoff] Fix inefficient and poor LED display drawing
      [lightsoff] Centralize score updating in a more reasonable place
      [lightsoff] Lots of various bits of cleanup
      [lightsoff] Remove old led front image that's no longer used
      [lightsoff] Implement pretty-printed theme names
      [lightsoff] Implement keyboard-based play (use arrow keys/enter)
      [same-gnome-clutter] Significant overhaul fixes most of the
animation/stickyness problems
      [lightsoff] Check if loaded theme exists; if not, set to default
      [lightsoff] Add GConf schema for score/theme keys
      [lightsoff] Small fix to code to ensure transition direction changes
      [lightsoff] Fix z-order of board after a manual swap.
      [lightsoff] Keyboard accelerators for menu items
      [lightsoff] Clean up naming in main GtkBuilder file
      Revert "[lightsoff] Clean up naming in main GtkBuilder file"
      Reorganize source tree into directories
      [libgames-support] Return card size assertion wrapped in gir-scanner ifdef
      [lightsoff] Update gettext import to match seed upstream change
      [lightsoff] Use Clutter keysyms (surprise! they're in the GIR, toplevel)
      [lightsoff] Don't clean main.js, because it's built at configure time
      [lightsoff] Reorganize order of widget realization; fixes LO on
Clutter HEAD
      [libgames-support] Add pkg arguments for Clutter and COGL to
reduce g-ir-scanner warnings
      [libgames-support] Remove extra semicolon in
games-card-images.h; no more scanner warnings
      [libgames-support] Use detected CLUTTER_API_VERSION instead of 0.9
      [lightsoff] Fix offscreen texture usage (hidden-but-added works, too)
      [lightsoff] Add (as-yet-unwritten) LO manual. Copied from
Gnometris, so there's some extra words left over.
      [libgames-support] Use a stand-in GIR for GGZ instead of
introspecting GGZ within our namespace
      [same-gnome-clutter] Initial gtkbuilder ui
      [same-gnome-clutter] Reorganize into directories
      [same-gnome-clutter] Don't only unlight if we're connected to 2
lights; that's silly
      [same-gnome-clutter] Use the LO UI file for Same
      [same-gnome-clutter] Menu signal handlers
      [same-gnome-clutter] About dialog
      [same-gnome-clutter] Update strings to match shipping Same (for
      [libgames-support] GGZ-1.0.gir needs to be installed, even
though it's handwritten
      [lightsoff] Add help menuitem
      [lightsoff] Various clarifying comments
      [lightsoff] Reduce the number of templated javascript files
      [lightsoff] Factor out theme loading code
      [lightsoff] Move more code into global ThemeLoader
      [lightsoff] Standardize on capital letters for JS files
      [lightsoff] Menu separator
      [same-gnome-clutter] Pull ThemeLoader over from LightsOff
      [same-gnome-clutter] Don't show the "offscreen" source lights
      [lightsoff] [same-gnome-clutter] Don't use fog
      [same-gnome-clutter] Reset score on new game.
      [same-gnome-clutter] Add initial settings ui
      [same-gnome-clutter] Add scores menuitem
      [same-gnome-clutter] Pull in theme selector loading code,
settings display, etc.
      [same-gnome-clutter] All settings persist through GConf now
      [same-gnome-clutter] Initial GConf schema.
      [same-gnome-clutter] Use small/medium/large instead of arbitrary sizes
      [same-gnome-clutter] Use settings for number of colors and theme
      [same-gnome-clutter] Live theme changing; add test theme
      [same-gnome-clutter] Finish (not yet animated) live theme switching
      [same-gnome-clutter] Size changing works now
      [lightsoff] Fix miscapitalization of 'Path' (fresh installs run now)
      [same-gnome-clutter] Use correct dimension to calculate new tile position
      [same-gnome-clutter] Dist themeloader.js, not
      [libgames-support] Distribute handwritten GGZ gir
      [lightsoff] Use icon for window
      [same-gnome-clutter] Use icon for window
      [libgames-support] Tiny build fix for merge of gsoc-seed-games
      [libgames-support] Don't clean hand-generated GGZ-1.0.gir
      [libgames-support] Do install GnomeGamesSupport-1.0.gir
      [libgames-support] Don't pass --internal to glib-genmarshal
      [same-gnome-clutter] Remove "fly score" option, will merge
functionality into 'zealous animation'
      [same-gnome-clutter] Implement non-zealous animation
      [same-gnome-clutter] Add "Help" menuitem, currently launches
normal Same help
      [lightsoff] [same-gnome-clutter] libgames-support now lives in pkglibdir
      [same-gnome-clutter] Show current/next score in "statusbar"
      [same-gnome-clutter] Reorganize score-management code
      [same-gnome-clutter] Mark "Game Over!" as translatable
      [same-gnome-clutter] Unhighlight tiles when mouse leaves game board
      [same-gnome-clutter] Clear final score display on new game

drtvasudevan (2):
      Updated Tamil translation
      Updated Tamil translation

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