Error: build Gnome Games with clutter

Hello to everybody,

I downloaded Gnome Games package file (gnome-games-2.25.91.tar.gz) and decided to build it with clutter option enabled:
$ ./configure --enable-clutter
checking for clutter API version... 0.8
checking for CLUTTER... configure: error: Package requirements (
    clutter-0.8 >= 0.8.7
    clutter-cairo-0.8 >= 0.8.2) were not met:

Requested 'clutter-0.8 >= 0.8.7' but version of Clutter is 0.8.2
I have Ubuntu 8.10, and I don't understand why it tries to find 0.8.7. Even on site I've found that the latest stable release is 0.8.4

Thank you in forward

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