Re: Fwd: GNOME Roadmap - Information request for gnome-games

On Mon, 8 Oct 2007, Thomas H.P. Andersen wrote:

Plans everyone? I have already seen some great stuff but you should
probably explain the work yourself.

My plans are mainly to reduce our bug count (233 is way too many). I
plan to do a few small features as well:
- tooltips for the scoretable in gtali
- animation/arrow to better visualize hints in aisleriot
- make robots resizeable/translateable


Stuff I plan to look into but don't expect to do make for 2.22:
- d-bus interface to allow eg. IM programs to start games for multiplayer game
- allow to start multiplayer games with online IM contacts directly
from the game

It might be a good idea to discuss this with the GGZ people. There is already some sort of integration with gaim. If this would be implemented in the GGZ libraries, then no source changes would be required in the gnome-games.

Also I'd propose to use Seans new aisleriot cards as default.

Good idea. Sean's new anglo american card theme is very nice. So are many of the other card themes in gnome-games-extra-data. Perhaps a survey could be held, where new cards for Aislerot is voted upon?

 - Andreas

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