Re: Gnome-sudoku - features, menus and memory usage

On Sat, 19 May 2007, Thomas Andersen wrote:
After gnome-sudokus inclusion in gnome-games I have played it a lot,
fixed a few bugs, and followed the bugtracker somewhat closely. These
are my observations so far:

- lots of unfixed crasher bugs
- many inconsistencies with other gnome-games
- some features are imho not needed
- the menu is cluttered
- it's memory hungry

Yes, fixing all the crasher bugs in gnome-sudoku should be prioritized! However, most of the bugs marked as critical now are very difficult to reproduce, because they either they occur only in a specific game, or they are not deterministic (ie. race conditions).

The following are my suggestions for solving these issues.

1) Save/resume
The save/resume feature is the main offender regarding bugreports
(File corruption, full disks, confusion caused by the feature). I've
found that I never use this feature. A sudoku is something you solve
here and now, just like solitaire. You need to have the numbers fresh
in you memory.
Saving was also once specifically stated as unwanted in gnome-games. I
Don't know the current opinion on this thou.
Seeing as this is the cause of many crasher bugs and not really an
essential feature for the game I suggest to simply remove it.

At this point, I think that we should disable the save/resume option in gnome-sudoku. As you have stated, it is the cause of most of the bugreports. If this feature is to remain enabled, then we need an increased effort to fix the bugs related to saving/resuming.

Other than this feature, I don't think we should be removing functionality unless they have really serious bugs.

 - Andreas

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