Upgrade Installation errors

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I'm trying to update gnome games to resolve the crash in aisleriot.When I download the (.tar.gz) (stable) package and convert it to a .deb package the Gdebi installer first warns me that a "later version exists, update thru software channels" and then when I close the warning window and click "Install Package" the installation fails with the message "librsvg2-common conflicts with gnome-games(<<
dpkg:error processing, conflicting packages, installation failed.
How do I resolve this?

When I try to untar the .tar.gz package for a manual installation, I receive a warning message telling me that I am about to downgrade from v 1:14.2 to and again "conflicting packages, installation failed" messages.
I have posted command line  screen shots of these messages on Ubuntu forums; userid is revcol. Is anyone else having this problem?

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