[aisleriot] rentoy integration in gnome-games

Hi, I already presented my graduation project.

Now I'm interested on making it useful for everybody, by integrating it
in gnome-games.

Could it be possible?. I know that it would need some clean-up in
neural-ai source code, and a translation for the on-line help.

Other question: could be possible to pass as a parameter the deck to be
used? There is no sense on using a non-Spanish deck for a Spanish card
playing game.

The game works properly with gnome-games 1:2.12.1-0ubuntu1. Of course, I
must improve a bit the neural network already.

Cheers; Fran.


You can know more about rentoy at

You can check out the latest source from the subversion server by:
svn checkout http://ws314.juntadeandalucia.es/rentoy

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