Re: Bugs in Aisleriot

Callum McKenzie said:
> On Thu, July 6, 2006 9:05 am, Andreas Rosdal said:
>> There's recently been quite a lot of reported bugs in Aisleriot, for
>> example
>> Common to these bugreports is that they are difficult to reproduce,
>> occur
>> randomly, and are related to Scheme code.
>> Richard and Jason, are any of you able to fix these bugs in Aisleriot?
>> Since the Aisleriot Scheme code is so error-prone, perhaps it needs to
>> be
>> rewritten? Personally, I don't like Scheme, and I'm not an expert on the
>> language.
> For the code in question it might pay to revert those changes. The bug
> they are meant to fix seems far less common than the bugs they are fixing.
> I'm currently en-route to Italy and so I can't do it myself immediately,
> but if people are prepared to wait two weeks I can probably either fix it
> or revert it.

Bug #346652 was definitely just a duplicate of #345191... It's a bug that
was in a loop in the card guardian bit of sol.scm. The code itself is very
simple, and I can't imagine any other reason why it could ever crash, so
if you see a call there in future bugs, compare it to #345191 and
duplicate if it looks close. This will generally happen with people who
haven't recently updated from stable gnome-games- yet.

The only other bug worth noting in aisleriot is #342038, and I am almost
certain that it was introduced with changes from #338386 (~"Thy Aisleriot
scheme doth be unclean")... It's probably easy enough to find and fix, and
I suppose we could bug Amnon about it if needed.

As far as a rewrite goes.... All I'll say for now is maybe one of those or
a fork is in store one day, but certainly not because of code quality
issues.  ;)

-Richard Hoelscher

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