Re: AisleRiot: two new games

Callum McKenzie wrote:
I think you will find this to be remarkably similar to the game "First Law".
Don't feel bad about duplicating games, you aren't the first and, as you
say, it's a nice simple game to learn with.

  Whoops. :)

I don't think we have this one (although it is similar to maze). There
are however two obvious things missing: a file explaining the rules
(copy the format in one of the .xml files under the help/C directory)
and support for the "droppable" feature that we have introduced in 2.12.
I haven't had too good a look at it yet, but if we can fix the
documentation and the "droppable" issues then I would like to include

  OK, the help file is here:

  I've also finished up a Cruel implementation:

Zach Keene

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